Introduction of Triton IT

TRITON IT is an established company in the field of IT and digital marketing. Our competencies range from the configuration and operation of hardware solutions, through the creation of software applications and websites, to the complete setup of analytics and the management of individual marketing channels. For our clients, we act as a full turnkey service provider as well as a supplier of partial solutions.

TRITON IT was founded in 2014 by Michal Rost, Marek Rost and Petr Čeněk.

I have been creating websites since I was 13 years old. Over time, I realized that the mere existence of a website is not enough to build an audience. I took SEO and PPC training and gained experience through practice. After Mark and I helped several friends with their presentations, I found that this activity fulfills me the most. I left my job as a C developer/analyst at a biomedical company, hung up my PhD at FJFI CTU and founded TRITON IT with Mark and Peter.

I have been involved in programming and robotics since I was a kid, from the basics to designing and programming microcontrollers. I helped Michal with graphic design and made websites for us and our friends. I decided to capitalize on my experience with website administration and analytics setup when we started TRITON IT together. We gradually worked our way up from small jobs to bigger challenges. Today I lead the development team at TRITON IT.

After Michal and Mark created a website, they asked me to help them start a company and put my years of experience in business and company management into it. We founded TRITON IT. Today we are already developing other joint projects.

Between 2015 and 2017, we created dozens of websites for our clients. We have managed PPC campaigns with monthly budgets in the hundreds of thousands. We have been trusted by eshop owners and brick-and-mortar stores for online point-of-sale support. We’ve worked primarily for eshops and businesses in the health, fashion, home furnishings and interior construction industries.

The years 2018 to 2019 have been groundbreaking for us. We got referrals from happy clients and started to be successful in presales for larger businesses. The B2B segment began to play a more prominent role in our client mix. This is thanks to our analytics, which we created within our sister company WebMedea services, founded in 2016. Owners and directors of manufacturing companies were attracted by our way of thinking, we solved marketing strategies with them. In the B2C area, we expanded to new clients, especially in the sports and gastronomy sectors. At the end of 2019, we completed several stories we started years ago. We are particularly proud of our growth story with Planet A.

Covid’s 2020 and 2021 were marked by a greater inclination towards IT and software development – the fields from which we originally emerged. Clients began to notice our overlap in IT and our ability to solve their technical challenges. Through technology and collaboration with the B2B segment, we were able to sustain growth even as covid measures eliminated or temporarily shut down almost all of our clients in the sports, travel and hospitality industries. In our marketing with eshops, we have addressed tactics to prevent all opportunities from being sucked away by the big players. We joined MISURA, where we gained responsibility for IT and marketing. Anticipating the future ecommerce crisis, we invested in brand building, organic reach and localisation for neighbouring markets throughout 2021.

We continued to grow in 2022. Our pillars were not only campaigns for large companies such as STILL, PREFA ALUMINIUMPRODUKTE, RI OKNA, PRESBETON, but also investments in new websites, information systems and IT infrastructure. MISURA grew throughout the year despite the ecommerce crisis. This was mainly due to the expansion into Hungary and Poland. The story of MISURA was also liked by Komerční banka. The budgets managed in our clients’ accounts reached values in the millions.

At TRITON IT we see our work as a service to our clients. We stick to the motto “our customer, our master”. At the same time, we strive to be good advisors and guides to our clients in the digital world – to alert them to opportunities and risks. We believe that competitive advantage can be achieved not only at the level of the service or product itself, but also through the added value in the IT infrastructure we build and the way we think in marketing.