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LPP Group
Enovation company

We build

server and web-based projects.

  • Larger web portals aimed at selected target groups of users. Without limitations resulting from the use of standard CMS. Including design, creation and complete operation on the necessary hardware.

  • Tailored server services functioning as a backend for web and mobile applications or as part of larger microservices systems.

  • Fast websites and single-purpose microsites. Easy to navigate for both customers and business partners.

We create

content tailor-made for the target audiences.

  • Publication plans tailored to individual social networks and audiences. Taking into account the content created within the cases and mentors.

  • Stories featuring key milestones and facts about our clients’ collaboration with their customers.

  • Texts explaining the specifics of the products or services offered and texts facilitating their acquisition, use and consumption.

We sell

thanks to well-optimized campaigns.

  • We attract attention with banners and video advertising, we bring interested parties through search and product campaigns, we complete sales using remarketing and smart display.

  • We get unpaid positions for shopping-intent keywords. We achieve results through the interplay of website performance parameters and relevant content supported by links.

  • We target specific companies or operations with an accuracy down to 100 meters. We address local staff and visitors with precise advertisements in several stages.

We build from the ground up

We take care of the complete construction and operation of the infrastructure from a small website to a large-scale application.

  • BitSight rating from C to A


    For Loomis, we provide full technical background behind their website and help them pass security audits.

    automatic UI tests, backups, integration of 3rd party systems, measurement of availability, SSL

We create IT added value

We have a strong background in information technology. We build and manage complex solutions for local and international companies.

  • 12 markets – 17 languages – 1 hour


    For the Swiss company LPP Group, we created and operate a system for product administration in 12 markets from one place. The application allows to deploy new products to all markets simultaneously within one hour.

    CMS, content synchronization across multiple markets, content versioning, horizontal and vertical scalability, microservices, office branch notifications

Showing your strengths

We communicate our clients’ strengths and added value. Targeted content and its natural reach plays a vital role.

  • 3 years – 11x company growth – 36x organic traffic volume


    With Planet A (AIM), we grew from a local to a nationwide internet provider for three years until the successful acquisition by T-Mobile. We increased the average number of monthly orders by 11x, organic became the main channel, which we increased by 36x.

    content publications, content websites, PPC, product microsites, RTB, SEO, social network profiles

We have earned the trust of
more than 40 companies

We work for manufacturers and distributors, family businesses and corporations. We enjoy working with those who want to grow and stay one step ahead.


Tommy Swami
Sales manager

Sales and project management

3-member team

The mission of our business-project team is to accommodate your desires. We consult your goals and put together a plan leading to their fulfillment.

+420 775 887 556
Michal Rost
Performance manager

Analytics and performance

3-member team

In the analytical and performance team, we solve how to get the most out of your advertising. We design the appropriate marketing channel mix and take care of its proper functioning.

Marek Rost
Development manager

Development and support

6-member team

We create websites and internet applications for you. We keep your websites running. We make sure that all servers, certificates, security, backups and other technical elements work as they should.

Lucie Sedláčková
Social network manager

Social networks and creative

3-member team

We create balanced publication plans tailored to your target groups. We take care of your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, including all the content and graphics.

David Trojan
Content manager

Content and mailing

3-member team

We build and manage your blogs, magazines, online guides or case studies. We implement email campaigns. Our texts are based on keyword analyses, research and consultations with experts in the respective fields.

Petr Čeněk
Financial manager

Administration and Finance

2-member team

We solve your needs, wishes or questions related to invoicing and finances.


Main e-mail:
[email protected]

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3rd floor, right side from the stairs, door 3.41

Company ID number: 03423816
VAT ID number: CZ03423816

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Sales Manager: +420 775 887 556

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Financial Manager: +420 731 433 888