TRITON IT is a member of the Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence

The wave of artificial intelligence in the course of 2023 has fundamentally affected the world of IT and online marketing and we at TRITON IT have decided to respond to this trend. In the summer we joined the Czech Association of Artificial Intelligence, which brings together companies from different industries with a clear goal – to bring together the greatest professionals in their fields and create a group that together helps to develop, educate, disseminate information, raise awareness and find opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) brings.

Midjourney tool
Fig. 1: One of the AI tools we use at TRITON IT is Midjourney

Meeting with leading AI experts

Thanks to our membership in the association, not only do we have access to a range of very valuable information and tools, but we have also gained the opportunity to participate in regular meetings with leading Czech experts involved in the development and direction of AI around the world. One such meeting was the event called MASTERMIND: Artificial Intelligence and Automation on 25 September, where we had the opportunity to learn about the latest news from the world of AI, exchange experiences with other members of the association and answer questions together about the development and use of AI in practice.

Upcoming EU legislation on AI

During the meeting, we had the opportunity to learn about the forthcoming Artificial Intelligence Act, which represents the forthcoming EU legislation. This document not only defines the term artificial intelligence itself, but also defines the areas of use of artificial intelligence and regulates its overlap into areas such as marketing. If this draft document is approved, this will result in the overall legal settlement of this field, with clearly defined rights or liability for damage caused by artificial intelligence.

Popular tools in the world of artificial intelligence

In the next part of the pleasant evening, we discussed with other members of the association several currently widely used tools and exchanged our experiences in using them. For example, we talked about Promethist AI, an AI tool with a distinct Czech footprint that can generate AI personalities with a sophisticated psychological profile. Stable Diffusion, one of the competitors of the better-known Midjourney tool, which can generate a desired image based on a text input, has become similarly popular recently.

However, the topic of the meeting was not only the tools used by the general public, but also software based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are designed primarily for use in the corporate sector when working with data. Thus, we got acquainted with already existing technologies, as well as those that are currently being developed by technology giants such as Google or Microsoft. Thanks to this information, we got the opportunity to look under the hood of AI tools and find out, for example, what a vector database is and how such tools can store large amounts of high-volume data that they retrieve during the machine learning process.

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