5 years of cooperation with Grand Vital: why is a brand page important for a manufacturer?

When you say dog kibble, most people think of endless rows of bags on supermarket shelves, bright colours and tempting slogans. In this sea of competition, the Czech manufacturer and retailer Grand Vital, which focuses on super-premium kibble of the highest quality, is trying to make a name for itself. Grand Vital has long struggled with low conversions from PPC campaigns and a high bounce rate for its e-shop. Although people were clicking on the e-store through the ads, they were leaving without purchasing after a quick browse of the products. It was clear that there was a lack of a strong brand to differentiate Grand Vital from its competitors and highlight its unique features.

Brand page helped increase awareness of the Grand Vital brand
Fig. 1: Only a well-developed brand page explained the benefits of Grand Vital super premium food

Creating a micropage for brand building

After analyzing the marketing activities currently running, we identified a major problem – search PPC campaigns were going directly to product pages without building brand awareness, and there was a lack of an impact page explaining Grand Vital’s brand philosophy. As a result, people didn’t know what to expect from Grand Vital and didn’t see a reason to choose its products over competitors.

The goal of our collaboration was to create a micropage that would clearly present Grand Vital’s brand values and benefits. The micropage became the impact page of brand and content PPC campaigns and served as an informational gateway into the world of Grand Vital dog food. Visitors were able to learn about the company’s philosophy, the quality of the food produced and other benefits associated with purchasing super-premium dog food. We built the site in this way, so that people searching for Grand Vital dog food could first get to know the brand and then make a purchase decision.

Micropage presented the basic benefits of Grand Vital dog food
Fig. 2: Micropage showcased the core benefits of Grand Vital dog food and helped customers understand the client’s values

Creating a blog and expanding product descriptions

Concurrent with the creation of the micropage was the expansion of product descriptions on the e-store and the creation of the Grand Vital blog. We began populating the blog with topical articles that not only contained useful information about dog nutrition and kibble selection, but also solutions to dog training or health issues. This content has made Grand Vital a trusted source of information for dog breeders, strengthening its position in the market.

The strength of the Grand Vital brand gradually began to grow and satisfied customers accumulated. One of them was the Czech influencer Monika Marešová, who shared her satisfaction with her followers on her Instagram account, which helped to further increase brand awareness and bring new audiences to the Grand Vital website.

The result didn’t take long to come. The e-shop’s bounce rate dropped by tens of percent, people became more interested in the origins and characteristics of Grand Vital dog food, and conversions began to increase. Grand Vital’s story shows how important it is in today’s hectic times to build a strong brand in addition to competitive products. Thanks to a well-thought-out strategy and targeted activities, Grand Vital has managed to penetrate the premium dog kibble market and become a sought-after manufacturer among breeders who want only the best for their pets.

A blog was created on the e-shop for publishing articles related to dog care
Fig. 3: A blog has been created on the e-shop, where we regularly publish articles related to dog care and choosing the right food

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