How we work with MRM Building Service to create references

References are an important element in both B2B and B2C. If a company is able to present its work and the satisfaction of its existing customers through appropriate communication, it will inspire confidence in itself. References serve as a signal to potential customers that the product or service offered is proven by people in a saturated competitive environment. In the decision-making process, references are also an important element that can tip the balance in your favour.

For MRM Building Services we have been doing complete IT infrastructure management for the fourth year. The company has been on the market since 2016, when it began to take care of the finalization of interior renovations with an emphasis on reflecting the corporate culture of its clients in the final appearance of office and representative spaces. As the final realisations are primarily an aesthetic as well as a functional matter, there was a need to communicate this information to potential clients as part of the marketing process, and to showcase the work to date.

Content in the form of references

In order to showcase the work completed to date, we began working closely with both the project managers and the individual designers and architects to compile detailed references for the new MRM website. We established a process to ensure that the reference text could be written quickly, the necessary interior elements could be professionally photographed and this information added to the website. To this end, we have put together a simple questionnaire for project managers to complete once the renovation is complete, which our content team then works with.

We created a bespoke template for the site in WordPress, into which we inserted text written by copywriters and photographs obtained by a professional photographer. This ensures that all references added to the site have a consistent structure and design. References on the website are complemented, for example, by interviews with in-house architects and designers who reveal their work and advise potential clients on how to approach the refurbishment of their corporate space.

References on the MRM Building Service website
Fig. 1: References and professional photographs of the interiors created have become the focal point of the entire website

Managing social networks Instagram and LinkedIn

Testimonials and articles, such as interviews with the architect, are subsequently featured on social media. For this purpose, we took over the complete management of the Instagram profile, for which we chose a simple and clean style. Both individual testimonials and examples of the client’s other services are presented here. In addition to Instagram, MRM Construction Services also presents its results on our managed LinkedIn account. There, not only references are regularly posted, but also interesting facts from the world of architecture, such as new and modern building elements, architectural designs or new products from partner companies.

Fig. 2: We publish not only our own reference objects on LinkedIn, but also news and interesting items from the world of architecture

Organic search as the main recruitment channel

After several years of continuous work, we have built up a portfolio of almost 100 reference objects on the website. Thanks to a functional process of collaboration with our client’s senior staff and the incorporation of the right keywords obtained from the analytical tool WebMedea, we were able to turn the content into a strong competitive advantage for MRM Building Services. Together with social media, organic search has become the main recruitment channel for the entire website, and today more than 60% of users come from organic results or from Instagram and LinkedIn profiles.

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