How we pulled Loomis out of the woodwork and started a successful cooperation

About the company

Loomis entered the Czech Republic in 2010 with the acquisition of Agency of Security FENIX CIT a.s., which has specialized in security services including transportation and cash handling since 1989. Under the new business name Loomis Czech Republic a.s., it has been operating on the Czech market for more than 13 years. It is currently one of the largest providers of cash management services in Central Europe.

Loomis’ services are primarily specialized in both domestic and international transport of cash and valuables, cash processing, exchange of banknotes and coins, ATM services, cash and valuables safekeeping, operation of safes and automated teller systems, protected escorts and complex security solutions.

It is because of the nature of the services provided that Loomis is subject to demanding security certifications and legislative restrictions. The website is no exception, and this is where we come in with our expertise.

Our cooperation

We were recommended to work with directly by the client’s head of technical sector. After having unsuccessfully replaced several companies that were tasked with improving the site’s security rating. None of them could handle the task properly. Bitsight’s web security rating must be met by all companies doing business in the financial sector, a sector that Loomis definitely falls into.

Our job required us to first move the entire website to our hosting, and then begin the modifications. In order to subsequently raise the security rating from B to A, we had to modify parts of WordPress in such a way that we did not modify the design of the existing website, which was made by another IT company.

BitSight Loomis website rating.
Figure 1: BitSight rating statistics since we took over hosting in December 2020. The Czech and Slovak websites have consistently had the highest rating of the entire group.

Hence, our added value is the ability to handle any non-standard situation in the IT field, while fully adapting to your needs.

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