How we built a new recruitment channel for Vincentka mineral water from social networks

Vincentka, a renowned producer of natural mineral water with healing properties, has decided to take its social media presence to the next level. Initially, Vincentka only focused on occasional content on social media, mainly during the Christmas campaigns, but these did not cover the full potential of their brand. In 2022, we took over the management of their Facebook and Instagram profiles and proceeded with a thorough planning and strategic approach.

Expanding content on social media

We started to regularly add content on Facebook focusing not only on Vincentka products, but also on Luhačovice, the place where Vincentka is mined, and its surroundings. Photographs, travel tips and cultural information provided valuable content for locals and tourists alike, while also promoting the Vincentka brand.

On Instagram, we focused on product content, including different forms of packaging and uses for Vincentka, such as sprays and lozenges, particularly suitable for autumn and spring. We were also at the launch of a new product – Vincentka in a can. In addition to product information, we focused on highlighting historical aspects of the brand, such as a timeline of events related to Vincentka, including photos of the first water borehole or the first glass containers.

Sample post on instagram Vincentka
Fig. 1: On Instagram, we also focused on the historical aspects of the Vincentka brand, featuring important milestones in the history of the mineral water

Content was strategically linked to product features such as magnesium and potassium content, and health themes such as healthy gums or diseases that Vincentka helps to treat. This approach helped increase content relevance and user engagement.

To introduce the new product, Vincentka in a can, to customers, we designed a new Health in a Can microsite. This serves not only to explain the health benefits of Vincentka mineral water, but more importantly to explain the benefits of the can packaging. We then drove users to this impactful microsite not only from social media ads, but also from RTB ads.

New product Vincentka in a tin
Fig. 2: We also presented the benefits of the new Vincentka product on the newly created microsite, which served as an impact page for FB and RTB campaigns

Increase in followers and recruitment of new users

In order to increase followers and raise awareness of Vincentka products, we ran six boosted posts each month, each targeted at reaching and recruiting new followers. We changed the campaigns frequently to avoid showing users repetitive ads, which contributed to higher interest and interactions.

While managing Facebook, we also encountered challenges about certain products that were considered medical, such as nasal sprays or lozenges. We had to deal with ad blocking and submit appeals explaining that it was not a medical product and met all the requirements that Google places on advertised products. An important factor was the successful previous collaborations that helped us gain the trust of the platform.

Sample Facebook post by Vincentka
Fig. 3: We also included Facebook posts based on the current season to respond to customer needs

Through strategic social media management, we achieved increased awareness of the Vincentka brand, increased followers and strengthened the connection with the target audience. Within the first few months of working together, we managed to increase the number of followers on Instagram and Facebook by more than ten percent, with advertising posts achieving up to 12% CTR.

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