How we created a new website for Dallmayr, a coffee brand with more than 200 years of tradition, based on market analysis

Dallmayr, whose history in the coffee industry dates back to the 18th century, faced the challenge of reaching its B2B customers more effectively and strengthening its position in the coffee services market at the beginning of 2021. Based on data from WebMedea, the analytics team at TRITON IT carried out a comprehensive analysis of internet demand in the coffee and coffee machine sector, with a focus on Dallmayr’s primary service – a comprehensive coffee solution for businesses. Based on this analysis, a new tailor-made website was then created to help users in their daily decision-making process – which coffee machine and which coffee to buy for their company.

Online interest analysis with WebMedea

The first step was to map and segment online demand in detail, which allowed us to identify key trends and preferred products in this segment. To do this, we used data from the WebMedea analytics tool to determine the searchability of individual keywords that describe Dallmayr products and services. We found out not only what type and kind of coffee people search for most often, but also which associated topics related to coffee interest them the most, such as the health effects of drinking coffee or coffee machine maintenance.

People are interested in the health benefits and risks associated with coffee
Figure 1: When analysing online interest, we found that, in addition to the quality of coffee, people are also interested in, for example, the health benefits and risks associated with drinking coffee

We then conducted a competitor analysis to identify companies that are successfully reaching clients through B2B coffee services online. Much to the client’s surprise, we also discovered companies that focus their activities only in the online space, and Dallmayr had no information about this competition until then. WebMedea was also helpful in this case, thanks to which we were able to uncover interesting competitive linkbuilding strategies, for example.

The popularity of soluble coffee is declining, replaced by beans and capsules
Fig. 2: The popularity of soluble coffee among Czechs is gradually declining, replaced by both classic beans and the increasingly popular capsule coffee

Based on this information, we analysed the data to identify the target groups that competitors are focusing on and the topics that are most interesting and widely searched for. This analysis provided key information that was then presented to the client. Mr. Sion, the owner of Dallmayr, was very interested in the data presented, and together we started working on the design of a new marketing strategy.

Creating a tailor-made website

One of the starting points was the recommendation to restructure the web presence and set up a new communication of the company towards defined target groups. These changes were designed taking into account identified trends, target group preferences and successful competitor practices. The restructuring included optimising the content of the website to better match customer expectations and adjusting the communication strategy to better reach the identified target groups. Thus, TRITON IT started creating a new website on the domain

We have prepared impact pages for individual target groups on the new website
Fig. 3: We prepared impact pages for individual target groups on the website

The new customized website serves as a presentation of the products and services that Dallmayr offers to its B2B and B2C clients. In addition to educational articles that guide the reader through the world of coffee, the website also includes a description of the history of the Dallmayr brand, which was founded more than 300 years ago. Users can also take advantage of a configurator that will suggest the ideal coffee or beverage machine based on their chosen requirements and needs.

Tens of thousands of users have visited the new website since its launch. Organic search has become the main recruitment channel thanks to a well-built site structure and SEO optimization of the content, through which up to 70% of the total traffic visits the site, and up to 10% of users visit the site directly. This only confirms the fact that the chosen communication of the Dallmayr brand was correct and the target groups remember the brand name and the domain name more and more.

Today, we also enjoy Dallmayr’s fine coffee in our offices. We hear words of praise not only from our developers, analysts and sales representatives, but also from our clients, whom we meet regularly in our offices.

Coffee Dallmayr in our office
Fig. 4: You can also enjoy Dallmayr coffee or tea when you visit our offices

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