Restrictions in online advertising: Why organic search is important for industries like online casino

Online advertising is an important part of marketing strategies that can get a brand in front of users and acts as one of the main recruitment channels. However, there are some industries where online advertising is heavily restricted or even banned. In such cases, organic search becomes an absolutely essential pillar of the marketing mix.

One such example is the online casino operated by our client Ariola under the name Casino in your pocket. Since Google restricts ads promoting the casino and slot machines, we decided to create a topical blog that would be both attractive and promote brand awareness. It operates under the umbrella of E-gaming, which has been on the market since 2005 and, in addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is also active in other global markets such as Mexico, Cuba, Romania and Colombia. In order to reach the largest possible audience with our content, we do quick keyword analyses.

Quick keyword analysis for effective blog creation

We rely on keyword analysis to create our blog posts. We look at what people are interested in in relation to online casinos to write articles that match their needs and interests. And it is by analyzing topics suitable for articles that we have divided the articles into the following categories:

We also use the WebMedea tool to analyse the most searched keywords, which allows us to create data-driven content and track real-time trends in various industries.

Articles on Casino vo vrecku
Fig. 1: References and professional photographs of the interiors created have become the focal point of the entire website

Dissemination of content via social networks

To maximize the reach of the content, we follow up blog posts with social media posts. Every article we publish on the blog is shared on Facebook and Instagram, driving more people to the site. By not relying solely on organic search, but incorporating another channel into the marketing mix, we are able to reach other audiences and on average, one in ten visitors to the Casino in Your Pocket website comes from social media.

Casino vo vrecku on Facebook
Fig. 2: We always share the article on Facebook after it is published, which further boosts traffic to the blog

Managing the blog

We create content for the Casino in your pocket blog, but we also completely manage the entire blog. This includes not only adding articles to pre-prepared uniform templates, providing thematic photos and linking all articles and online games, but also technical management, complete site measurement or SSL certificate management.

Casino vo vrecku's organic traffic growth curve
Fig. 3: Rising curve of impressions and click-throughs from organic search to the Casino in your pocket website

By creating articles based on keyword analysis, we were able to tackle the regulation of online advertising for online casinos and organic search, along with social media, became the strongest recruitment channel.

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