How we reached fitness centre visitors with local targeting

Are you launching a new product? Do you know that your target group meets in certain places? Do you have a limited budget? If so, you can use precise local RTB ad targeting to show your ad to people who have passed through (or regularly pass through) your selected locations on the map.

MISURA case study

Electronics manufacturer MISURA, known for its portable and desktop monitors, decided to enter the massage gun market in the summer of 2021. The motivation for this was the growing interest in this technology, particularly in the US, where sales of the guns were exceptionally high in the record season of 2020. After verifying the market opportunity, MISURA began to intensively refine contemporary concepts in order to introduce an innovative product that would appeal to more demanding customers. Development took several months and included testing and feedback from users.

The result of these efforts was the MB1 PRO massage gun with high performance, long battery life, ergonomic design for easier grip and vibration dampening in the handle. Our challenge was to target the target group as precisely as possible within the lowest possible budget and to show them the key advantages of the MB1 PRO. We created a first round of measured social and content ads to clarify the features and behaviors of those interested in the massage guns. We identified several target groups, the following were the most important ones for us:


Massage therapist and physiotherapist

Professional athlete

Preparation of materials

Taking into account the target groups described above, we decided to make videos in the environment of a fitness centre and a professional rugby team, where representatives of our target group will explain the key benefits of the MISURA MB1 PRO massage gun.

With our long-standing client Factory Pro, we conducted a video shoot with professional fitness trainers who introduced the benefits of the MISURA massage guns and showed how to use the massage gun. In addition to the videos, we also took professional photos for social media and banners for other advertising purposes.

Videos promoting MISURA massage guns
Fig. 1: To promote the MISURA massage guns we used a shoot at our long-standing client Factory Pro

We arranged a collaboration with the leading Czech rugby team RC Praga Praha to create a video showing the players’ post-training recovery, during which they use the MISURA MB1 Pro massage gun. Thanks to Richard Novák for arranging the cooperation.

RTB campaigns for precise targeting of fitness centres

As we found a strong connection with fitness centres within our target groups, we needed to choose a way to reach their visitors as accurately as possible, while also reaching them across the country with online advertising. RTB campaigns are perfect for this purpose. They can target geographically with accuracy down to tens of meters. We’ve proven this several times in the past when we’ve used RTB campaigns for our B2B clients. Our development team built a script to obtain the GPS coordinates of all Czech fitness centers from freely available maps. We then built campaigns that targeted people within a radius of less than a hundred meters around these coordinates in the following two-step process:

  1. First, we focused the RTB campaign on users who are in the fitness center at that moment. At this stage, it was not primarily important to us that the fitness center visitor noticed the banner we were displaying. We only wanted to notice the users and create an audience from them. We therefore took advantage of AdForm’s ability to reduce the bid per impression in exchange for non-guaranteed views.
  2. We then created a second RTB ad set that targeted the audience from the first phase. We then remarketed to these users who had visited the fitness center in the recent past, showing them (already guaranteed) banner ads leading to ready-made impact pages for the massage guns. On these, we showed people videos showcasing the key benefits of the MISURA massage guns, among other things.

This resulted in capturing highly relevant visitors for MISURA’s websites and social media as well as sales directly from the RTB campaign.

Promotion via Google Ads

We further supported the campaign with content advertising on YouTube via Google Ads. As an audience for the videos, we chose to both remarket to our visitor audience (those we had previously brought in via RTB campaigns), as well as targeting similar users through identified interests. For content, we chose videos created during filming at the Factory Pro fitness centre and with the rugby team. By doing this, we were able to deliver the key benefits of the MB1 PRO massage gun to its target audience as accurately as possible. The result was stunning! There has been a steep increase in sales of MISURA massage guns especially the MB1 PRO model. Both at distributors and especially on the MISURA e-shop. The MB1 PRO has dethroned the previous number one in sales – the cheapest MB3 model.

Social networking

Together with the RTB and PPC campaign, the promotion on Facebook and Instagram ran. To quickly get the word out, we created, among other things, a competition for a massage gun. Gradually, we also involved selected influencers in the promotion. Thanks to our materials, they started to contact us themselves. They were intrigued by the unique features of the MB1 PRO, which they themselves were interested in. Thanks to this, we entered into cooperation with, for example, personal trainer and nutritionist Petr Sedláček, who is known on social media as Muscular Daddy, or model Iveta Kindlmanová.

Influencers and MISURA
Fig. 2: A number of influencers have joined the promotion of the MB1 Pro massage gun

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