We took Michelle Losekoot’s “How to Content Like a Professional Creative” course

A year ago, when Lucka and Michal attended the course “How to network” by Michelle Losekoot and Eliska Vyhnánková, they told themselves on the way back from Forum Karlín that if Michelle opened a special course on content, their other colleagues from TRITON IT would have to attend it as well. So when Michelle announced the “How to Content as Professional Creatives” training, we didn’t hesitate and went to the course. We were in for an intense 4.5 hours in a historic house in Prague 1 with lots of valuable information.

TRITON IT team and Michelle Losekoot
Fig. 1: Our team at the course “How to make content as professional creatives”. From left: Marek Bartoš (Senior PPC Specialist), Michelle Losekoot (course lecturer), Tommy Swami (Account Manager), Lucie Sedláčková (Social Media Manager) and David Trojan (Business Analyst)

Creativity first

The “How to Content Like a Professional Creative” course is an intense and inspiring experience for all those who want to improve their content creation skills and become professional creatives. The emphasis on creativity is evident from the start of the course. Michelle stresses that creativity combined with divergent thinking is the cornerstone of successful content, so even the initial introduction and getting to know the other course participants requires a certain amount of creativity.

In addition to the theoretical explanation, the course focuses primarily on the practical content creation techniques in which the individual participants are involved. Lecturer Michelle introduces different strategies that help to create interesting and effective content for diverse target groups. Techniques such as HHH, random variable, free association method, killing assumptions or reverse universe – all of these approaches are first presented theoretically, then shown with examples and concluded with a practical activity involving all participants.

course How to content like professional creatives
Fig. 2: The cosy environment and the smaller number of participants contributed to the overall pleasant atmosphere of the course

“A wrong answer is not a mistake, but a sign of creativity”

The course provides a wealth of information and useful tips for content creation. Participants gain a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in content creation and online marketing strategies. Michelle shares her extensive professional experience and specific examples of successful campaigns. Participants also have the opportunity to learn about current tools and technologies they can use in their work. Artificial Intelligence, which is very popular nowadays, is not neglected, as AI tools can be a very valuable tool for content creation and marketing strategies.

The atmosphere is very welcoming and supportive. Michelle Losekoot is an experienced and energetic trainer who manages to create an inspiring environment. Participants feel comfortable and are encouraged to actively engage in discussions and activities. A wrong answer is not a mistake, but a demonstration of creative thinking. Interaction between participants is also encouraged, allowing for the exchange of ideas and experiences from diverse disciplines. In fact, the event was attended not only by“marketers” but also by business owners and enthusiasts not yet familiar with marketing.

What makes the creativity course suitable for the number crunchers from TRITON IT

For our Senior PPC Specialist Mark, this training was crucial for improving the creation of advertisements, where he tries to reach a given target group with short and punchy text, while often having to fight with the lascivious style of the competition. For business analyst David, the course provided important insight into the process of creating content and stories that sell products. Throughout the training, the focus was on storytelling and on effectively presenting key information that he can draw on during his work. Social media manager Lucy took away valuable information on creating social content, with Michelle presenting methods for working with current trends and creating posts that can engage the right community.

During the course with Michelle Losekoot
Fig. 3: Michelle interspersed the theoretical background on content creation with thematic activities that involved all course participants.

A pleasant encounter with an influx of inspiration

We left the event with a feeling of pleasant creative exhaustion. After all, Michelle Losekoot’s “How to Content Like a Professional Creative” training offers an exceptional opportunity to develop creative abilities and acquire useful content creation skills. The energy supply for all the activities is provided by very tasty refreshments and a bottomless supply of delicious coffee, so after leaving the course we are ready to put the knowledge we have gained into practice when creating content for our clients.

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